Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally Friday!

And update to your update:
You are 19 days old today, not 18, or so I'm pretty sure. Also, did I tell you, you are due March 29, 2009...

Your update:

"Day 18: Your baby is now .02 inches long."

How about that, youa are now .02 inches long...*giggles* are so tiny. :) So, how has your day been today? I'm sleepy, as usual at this time. :) Life is going well, though. My headaches arent as bad as they were a few days ago. The bloated feeling has pretty much gone away. I havent really had any morning sickness but I've read that usually peaks around 6 wks, so I have a little over a week to go until we know for sure if I'm out of it this pregnancy. With the other two, I had it pretty bad. We shall see. :)

I am constipated. Yeah, I'm sure I'll be takin' some stool softeners once I check with the dr. to make sure they're safe. I dont want to hurt you.

Ohhhhhhh, and let me tell ya about what your dad said last night. So, we have an extra bedroom, a guest bedroom, which will now be yours, and I was in there, thinking I'd sleep in there last night to get use to sleeping in the room with you for awhile when your dad was like, "yeah, thats where I'll be sleeping, in the baby's room." I was like, "what?!" And yeah, he meant it. When we first got Plato as a puppy your daddy slept in the floor with him so that he wouldnt cry and miss his family, and, it seems he will be doing the same with you. :) Well, and then he did say that of course he'd still have to wake me up to feed you,, but still, he'd be in there with you.

He is awesome! I agree. :)

I think tomorrow we'll all go down to the Movies In The Park and catch a film. I think Jeremy would enjoy it. :)
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