My Family

My husband, Sean, and I met March 2004 and instantly become close friends, however, it wasn't until November of 2006 that we officially began dating, and by May of 2008 we were wed.

In July of 2008 we discovered we were having a baby! Maddie was born March of 2009, and she is simply new breath brought into this family. She enjoys running, any type of art, and chatting. And she has the cutest curls around. :)

My middle child, Jeremy, is 8 and enjoys sports such as: karate, soccer, and football. He is going into the third grade this year. He is quirky and has always been great at building friendships and having fun. He is a bit dramatic, but without him, we'd all be bored. :)

My third child, and my oldest, is Austin. He is 17 and a senior in high school. He has spent the last four years concentrating on what classes to take that will best lead him into the engineering field. He is kind, giving, and yet, still an arrogant teenager. I just can't believe my little boy is almost all grown up.

All in all, I'm a wife and mother of three, a preschool teacher, and grad student all rolled into one. I've also decided to train and run a half marathon in Nov. 2010. My life consists of lesson plans, breast pumps, dirty laundry, and running shoes. Join me as I learn to live life to it's fullest!