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Chattanooga is home to some wonderful writers. Below is a link and bio. Enjoy reading!

Tony Burgess is a 40-something geek-for-life from Chattanooga, TN. You will find him blogging about the sacred, special and silly stuff in his life.

The Blog of Tony Burgess

Needing a great restaurant or recipe? Turn to Chattavore .

Teacher by day, food writer by night. Mary's making as much [food] from scratch as possible and seeking out the best local restaurants in the Chattanooga area.  

Looking to buy a home in the Chattanooga area? Check out Pearl & Associates . Brandi is a highly effective realitor that takes your priorites and searches out to find you and your family the perfect home.

Brandi also hosts NoogaLife , a family friendly site dedicated to sharing people, places, and events in Chattanooga. A great resource for new comers to the city as well as seasoned residents to keep up with the latest news of the community.

Emily FazioEmily Rose is a thinker and a doer. With academic training in Mechanical Engineering, yet at heart she's an artist, and analysis who enjoys good food, good friends, and playing in the dirt. And, if you ever want to chat about sports, particularly motosport or football, make sure to check out her "random, ever evolving blog" for I'm sure you'll enjoy what she has to say.

Sean M PhippsSean Phipps joined Nooga.com full-time in 2013 as a staff reporter, covering arts, entertainment and lifestyle in the Chattanooga area. A native of the Tri-Cities, he ventured to Chattanooga in 2001 to attend college. Sean has since spent over a decade working in the media industry in Chattanooga. For thought provoking, entertaining news about Chattanooga, check out Sean Phipps at Nooga.com. 

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