Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hey there, my little one

I've been thinking a great deal about you today. :) I love you. I keep wanting to call you my little boy...*giggle*...are you a little boy? Your daddy calls you a little girl. We shall see. :)


I love you. I cant wait to hold you, to kiss your sweet head, smell your hair, and watch you sleep. You are my little precious.

I'm tired. I mowed the grass this morning, cleaned downstairs, took a bath, heated up some food, and now I'm really sleepy. :) Jeremy and I need to run to the grocery store today. We need tomatoes, cottage cheese, fruit, salad dressing, and drinks.

Oh, I lost about two pounds this week. :) I'll be back at the gym tomorrow. This mornings yard work was a big enough work out for today.

I love you. Grow big, baby!
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