Friday, February 6, 2009


I had my appointment with Carolyn yesterday and it went great. I'm still measuring about a week 1/2 ahead so thats good, the baby is growing at a regular pace. :)
I started throwing back up a bit which I've heard different therories on, but the main point is that I dont feel sick, just a bit tired at times, and VERY pregnant. :)
I had some great dreams lastnight and then it ended with a scare to which I screamed in my dream. I instantly woke up and felt the baby move at the same time. I think I was still half asleep but I remember saying, "did you hear that scream, too, baby?"
This little person is a part of my body. I'm not sure how different we are at the moment. My heart rate effects his/her blood supply which in turn can effect his/her heart rate. Yeah, I guess we're still one for the moment.
I miss your presense in this body once its gone but it will be so overshadowed by something even greater...You. :)
I just cant help myself from writing to my baby whenever I'm logged onto this account.
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