Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Working out...

To celebrate my 32nd year of life, Maddie and I walked the track this mornig after dropping Jeremy off at school. We usually walk it when we pick him up in the afternoon, but I thought, wow, if I could go ahead and get a walk in this morning then that leaves the whole day for me to do more exercies. :)

Speaking of this morning, Jeremy woke me up asking, "are you taking me to school on your birthday?" Well, yeah. :) He then got really upset and said he wanted to spend the day with me since it was my b-day. How sweet is that??!! I took him to school anyway but decided we'd pick up McDonalds, his fav. and yet I rarely let him have any. So, anyway, we'll pick that up after school and then tonight he's going over to the ball park to be honored as a most-improved student at his school.

He began the first grade below grade level in his reading and through hard work we've moved up to grade level and he'll go into the 2nd grade right on track. I've never told him he wasnt on grade level, nor do I see any reason in doing so, but I am proud of his work and his accomplishments. :)

So, tonight will be baseball and hotdogs. :) It really is a great way to celebrate a birthday...with family.
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