Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh the shots. Oh the kids.

Madison got 3 shots yesterday and seemed to be doing fine by them until around 5:00 yesterday evening. She began to get really sleepy which I thought would be fine. "Yeah, just sleep through it all, nothing could be better."

However, by 6:00 she was screaming and I was crying. I'd never heard her scream like this before. There was hardly anything that could be done for her and if I moved her in a different position the screamed picked back up again. I sent Daddy out to get her some meds since I couldnt find anything around here and then I picked up the little sheets they send home with all the things to be on the look out for. And there it was, "nonstop crying for 3 hours."

Thats when my tears started and I felt so guilty for putting my baby in so much pain. Yes, I know the vaccines can help, yes I realize the risk of serious damage is rare. but how can you think about those things when your baby seems to be in so much pain.

My boys always got sick. Jeremy, I think, took it the worse, looking pale and weak. Maddie hasnt run a fever and did calm down when she and I soaked in the tub for about 20 minutes. However, getting her back out just caused the crying to restart.

She slept well lastnight and is sleeping with my wrap on at the moment. I just spoke with Sean and we disagreed on the whole shot thing. He asked wouldnt I feel guilty if she was to get Polio because I didnt vaccinate her. No, I wouldnt feel guilty since I didnt personally give her the disease. He then tells me how kids in Africa are dying because they dont get vaccinated, well, kids here have died from the actual Polio disease AFTER being vaccinated, when it was still a live virus, and that was given with Austin was a baby.

No matter what, I'll always be torn over this issue. My babies get sick when they get shots. The end.

On a completely brighter note, her appointment yesterday went really well. She is 11lbs. 6 ozs and in the 75% for weight. She is also 22 inches long. The boys grew so much and they were always in the 90% on everything so it seems odd to have a little one that isnt as big as they were. But then again, they are both predicted to be over 6 feet tall and 200 pounds as adults and youre right, Maddie doesnt neccessarily need to look like a man. :)

Jeremy is off in Florida with his dad and we are babysitting Buckey. It was nice to have her back home and since she's spending some time outside, she hasnt had any accidents in the house. *crosses fingers* :)

Sean and Austin are going to a wrestling show tonight. We have three tickets but I dont feel comfortable leaving Maddie, especially at night when everything seems to intensify. However, we'll see how the day goes and what my gut tells me about tonight.

Both boys are out of school and I still have a month off from work so we'll be taking a trip to Memphis to see the family, having some yard sells here at the house, and enjoying some time at the gym. It's gonna be a good summer. :)
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