Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Madison loves to swim with Daddy :)

Maddie loves to kick her legs while taking a bath with her Daddy. He gets in there and fills it up with water so that she can kick around and then he holds her out while on her belly to actually allow her to swim around. I think one day I'll make them put their swim suits on so I can actually get a pic of it because it is too cute. :)


Alleries this summer are just killing me! :)

Also, I think Madison will be cutting her first two teeth soon. I began seeing the little buds of her first two bottom teeth about a month ago and now there is a faint white line where they are right beneath the gum. You can also begin to feel the ridges. I think within a month or two we'll have some pearly whites looking at us. I'm not sure how that will affect our nursing since she always bites me. I simply take my boob away from her at the moment, tell her no, in sign language of all things, wait a moment, and then give it back to her. *smiles* I so wouldnt put it past her to bite me and then enjoy the reaction I'll give her. :) She has a great sense of humor. :)

Ok, so that was my Maddie moment news update. Jeremy is spending the day with his dad before we leave for Memphis and Austin is sleeping, which is where he'll be until about noon or so. Ohhhhhh, I remember the days of being a teenager. :)
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