Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sean's daughter, Katherine

Sean has another daughter, Katherine, and at one time, about a year ago, he was in touch with her.

Katherine's parents are both in the Navy and so when her mom went out to sea, Sean stopped hearing from her. From the first time Sean told me about her, and the fact that he didnt have a relationship with her, I'd always prayed in my heart that their relationship would change and grow.

Could you imagine the pain a father would carry around not being able to know/see his child? I couldnt imagine, and therefore periodically I think about Jerri and Katherine and wonder when it will possible for Sean to be apart of their lives again.

It popped back into my head today and so I called Sean up and asked if he'd looked for Jerri on FB to which he said yes. It kept bugging me so I looked up her name and searched for her on FB. I found her! :)

Please say a prayer that one day Sean will be able to see Katherine again, to hug her, and know her. She knows Sean's her daddy and they emailed back and forth a few times. I keep telling Sean he must try and keep in touch with her. The older she gets the more it will be difficult to reach her and to make sure she believes that he loves her.

I believe he's always loved her. How could he not?
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