Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just did a walk

We just got in from a little family walk. We went down to our local shopping area, bought a few items, chatted a great deal, and then walked back home. Maddie fell asleep in Daddy's arms on the way back; she only likes to ride for so long. :)

Today looks like it will be busy with cleaning, possibly taking the dog to the vet, and I still want to go out and catch a play.

Also, there are things that have saddened my heart at the moment. Things I'm not so sure I'm ready to put out into the world just yet. I dont want to offend people, and if ya cant say anything nice, well, dont say anything at all, right? :) Or is that just some crazy southern poo?? Who knows.

Hug your babies and enjoy your weekend!

p.s. hubby is cooking steak and eggs for me for breakfast. For dinner he's making me salmon. He's become the family cook and I'm lovin' it!
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