Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just needing to vent...

My exhusband has been out of work since February. He was laid off when the local paper company did a cut back. He applied for unemployment and 5 months later he just now claims to have everything straightened out.

I understood his funds were low and accepted the fact that he wouldnt be able to give me any child support. I accepted the fact that my son lost his insurance and therefore asked his father to get him on the local state insurance. After three months of no insurance I then went down to DHS and got him on insurance, however, this insurance will only last 6 months.

I asked Greg yesterday how work was coming. He's been trying to get a company up and going. I supported the idea as long as financially things were ok. Well, we are now pushing 6 months and I'm beginning to become stressed.

Going back, I asked him about work. He said he's just now gotten the unemployment set up and it should arrive any day and that he's decided to take another 6 months off from work to get some certifications and work on this company. WHAT???!!! How much time does someone need???????

I explained to him that Jeremy's insurance stops in three months and he is legally responsible for carrying insurance on him. Seriously, people, I can not afford family insurance at my job, its unbelieveable how expensive it is. Sean carries it on Maddie which allows me to pay for child care.

Yeah, I'm a bit ticked. I feel as if Greg's let his responsibilties go. He informed me God would take care of it all. I informed him God gives us free will and brain. I applaud his faith, maybe I should go find my own.
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