Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Overwhelmed and Loving it!

Ok, so this is my hardest year, EVER!

I have a class full of toddlers who are so eager to learn about life and yet have SO much that they need to know before hand. It's a world of exploration and experiementation and always pushing the limits of whats allowed.

Overall its good, yet, there are days like today when I feel as if I carry the world. Ms. Audrey was with us for 3 days when she had to leave to have her gallbladder removed to then discover a week later she needed her appendize (sp) taking out, we then all laughed and asked when the spline was coming out next. :) Anyway, Ms. Audrey has had this class for 3 years and she is an over the top, awesome teacher; I was really looking forward to learning a great deal from her. However, almost a month later, she still isnt back, and my sub thats worked with us for the last 3 weeks has been out for the last two days with two different floaters, one for each day. To say the least, the kids know the routine is off, and they are showing it. It's not been much fussiness, but crazy all the same. Actually had a little guy slide down the banaster to the loft today. I was shocked and very impressed. I looked around and hoped no one else so his little act and follow suit. :)

Takes a breath...

I've always wanted this room, and I am so blessed and grateful to have it! I feel as if I've worked hard for it and that the last four/five school years has seriously prepared me for where I am...but let me butt has been kicked. :)

I'm smilin' cause its all good, but I cant wait to get my class on track and get this year going. I want structure. I NEED this structure, I think, as much as the kids. Actually, the kids are doing great! :) I mean come on, what two year old do you know that will go to the bathroom after eating, wash hands with soap, dry them and all, the whole while INDEPENDENTLY. It's huge!!! :) They are awesome, and I love the all to pieces. :)

Ok, Maddie is awake now...gotta go!
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