Saturday, September 19, 2009

This Day...

It's been an enjoyable day. The weather is rainy and has been all week. Jeremy's game was cancelled because of a flooded field. Maddie has a cold and has for the last week. She felt a little warm to me last night and seems to be running a very low 99 grade temp. I'm not sure if its from her teeth or if it really is a cold. I called the dr. earlier this week when the drainage turned green and the nurse told me that if she was still happy, had no fever, that everything was fine. She said that green snot wasnt always a sign of infection, but could just be old snot. So, there you have it, green can = old. Who knew?? Not me. :)

We've just awoken from our family nap where daddy is still sleeping. I was up first but Maddie figured it out pretty quickly and needed up, too. When she's not feeling too well, she's an all out momma's girl.

So, I got up and cleaned this morning. The bathrooms were in serious need of it. Living with three other males is toture at times when it comes to cleanliness. I wish I could "train" them differently, but it's just not happening.

I had the car checked today and will need to drop it off soon. The check engine light came on but it's not running any differently. I probably need a new oxygen and gas mixture device.

Sean saved the lizard. One passed away about a week or so ago. We made some changes to the cage and now it seems to be recovering. Made some changes means we gave it a good scrub down, I've only been scooping out pooh and I guess pee was causing them to get sick. I dont know, we'll have to see how the other one fairs. :)

And now hubby is up, walking down the hall, sounding like a zombie, but really only mimicing Maddie's singing. :) She's sitting here and we're about to go watch some football. :)

Alright then, its coffee time. Oh, and on a totally great note, I found like 100 pics that Nonna ( I hope I got that right) sent to me with some toys and clothes. I finally went through the box today and found a huge stack of pics that I had posted of the family. I was so overjoyed and thrilled. I gotta go FB her and end her a thank you.

Much love and God bless!
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