Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Time To Do Your Daily Deed

Well, it's time, folks, for me to borrow, grovel, and spit for your help. Really, I just wanted to type those words, I'm not sure I've ever created that sentence before. :)

But, seriously, I'm falling and I'm falling fast, in the ranks. For awhile I've sat around #11 and #13 but yesterday began my downward climb, and yes, you can climb downward, and I'm now resting at #18. Now, is #18 bad? No, not at all, there is wonderful company around that gorgeous number, but honestly, I want more. :)

So, here's where You come in, I need you to go click that wonderful banner directly at the top of my page and it will directly take you to a page where You, personally, can keep track of where my blog ranks How cool is that? You will be in charge of my blog's destiny; it's all in your hands. :) Well, maybe not completely, but I thought maybe pumping you up would ensue the disire to fulfill my wish. :)

And, really, I have nothing else to say. This blog was simply placed here to ask for your help. NOW, DO IT!!! *sends subliminal messages your way*

Oh, and if you do this everytime you stop by, then I'll never have to bother you with these words again.
I am so gonna regret begging. :)
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