Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday's Starbucks Review

So, I am officially declaring Wednesday the National Stop At Starbucks And Get a Drink for Starbucks Review Day! That's right ladies and gents, I stopped off this morning (yesterday) to pick up a drink and then decided you, too, needed to know how I felt about the most de-lish coffee franchise in the world. :)

And, before beginning the review let me first say my all time fav. of Starbucks is the white chocolate mocha. It's given a 5 out of 5 stars in my book! And now that we know where I stand, lets see how others compare.

This morning I ordered a Grande Eggnog Latte which came up to a lucky $4.64. I must say, I truly enjoy eggnog and around this time each year, I'm always picking it up at the store. Actually, my wonderful hubby was the one to bring it in first this year. :) Yep, he is thoughtful. So, when I saw it on the menu I literally gasped, squeezed my whole body together into a ball, and eagerly asked, "now, you use real eggnog, right? Ok, great I'll take one!". :) And, as I sat in the drive through line all I could think was, "eggnog, eggnog, eggnog," and yes, I may have been drooling.

And yet, I must say I was disappointed. And in no way do I want to insult Starbucks or anyone who may actually enjoy the eggnog latte, but please, I took my first drink and thought, "ohhh, warm...nothingness." There is a hint of spice at the very end, but no in my cup of cuteness could I find the delightful taste of eggnog. Sadly, I drank the rest, trying to decide whether to actually rate it as a 1 or 2 star product, out of 5. I concluded, this beverage is getting a 2 from me. It has great character in it's festive holiday cup, and just the fact that it's from Starbucks, which always leaves me on my euphoric high of happiness, does at least merit a star. Other than that, I would only recommend this drink to anyone who'd like a warm cup of coffee, however, I wouldn't mention the word eggnog just cause I don't like bumming people out. :)

And, also, on a side note, which really means this is a double-double treat with a side of hot cakes, my long time friends Kristen and Stacie stopped by work with a smiles and a cup of Starbucks. They so nicely brought me the brew of a pumpkin spice latte. "ohhhhhh, I thought, and now I get a real comparison for my review!!" Let me first say, I tried the pumpkin spice about a month or so ago and wasn't blown away by it as it seems most people are, however, I did enjoy the spices this time around. :) I was pleasantly pleased when I took my first sip, expecting another bland experience called coffee, but instead, I was flooded with niceness and spice. I happily give pumpkin spice latte a 4 out of 5 stars.

So, what have we learned today? Starbucks needs to switch brands of eggnog, friends will always show up to save the day, and Wednesday is officially Starbucks Review Day!
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