Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mad Momma

I am trying to remain positive. I am trying to be upbeat and remember the fact that my baby girl is happy and healthy. BUT, I had a moment yesterday that has left me like a turtle out of my shell.

I took Maddie into the doctor's office yesterday because 1. she's had a runny nose, horseness, and cough off and on for two weeks, and, 2. she threw up Tuesday @ school and was pretty much banned for the day anyway. When we arrived I explained to the doctor how I've been calling in for the last two weeks, talking to the nurse about what to do about Maddie's barking cough, i.e. what I thought was to be croup. We had actually gone in to see the doctor three weeks ago and so rather than just going back again and again, I would call to see what they thought was the best course of action.

I was told twice, 2 x's, to give my baby a steriod for croup, and it wasn't until this last time that the nurse told me to come in, if and only if, she got it again. The doctor was mad and explained to me that my child should NOT have been given this steriod for two weeks, first without being seen, and secondly because the steriod can cause serious damage to her internal organs.
I was scared, and I then I was pissed.

I didn't go to medical school, therefore I rely on those who did/do to make the right choices for my family. I was shocked that someone was feeding me dangerous information, fatal even, and that no one did a checks and balance on what phone calls are made to patiences, and what is being prescribed.

Maddie is fine. And by fine meaning ok, but she was still a bit horse with a crackling cough yesterday. The doc. assures me it will go away in a week or so, and when I pushed the fact that she's had the barking cough off and on three times now, she mentioned Maddie may have asthma.


I will not be calling in again. Any advice is welcomed.
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