Saturday, December 19, 2009

Upcoming Reviews and Giveaways!!

So, we have so many great reviews and giveaways coming up that I wanted to give you just a little sneak peak as to what's to come!

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Golden Moon Tea ,with their abundance of delicious teas, has offered 5 samples for review. They have so many categories to choose from: morning, afternoon, and evening teas, teas that work with particular cuisine, to even"mood" teas such as waking up, relaxed, and fun. The top tea on my list for review is the Early Grey Tea , which has a customer rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. I'm also going to go with an exotic tea, Pu-erh Chai, two dessert teas, Sugar Carmel Oolong and White Persian Melon (which also falls under the mood sexy), and lastly Madagascar Vanilla because I'm sure it's a great tea as well as a great moment to share with my son Jeremy who does so enjoy the show, Madagascar, and, I must admit I love the Penguins, too. :) So, check out Golden Moon Tea and let me know if you've ever tried their product, which teas you just absolutely love, and which ones I should try next.

The next product is Teddy's Pride ,from Oragenics, which is a probiotic used naturally to promote fresher breath and whiter teeth for your pets. I've always thought about brushing my dogs' teeth, but seriously folks, I do good sometimes just to get mine and the kids' teeth brushed, so when I read about this product I was all about wanting to try it out. I'm receiving one sample to use on my own wonderfully, yet stinky breath, dogs and the other can is going in a giveaway to one lucky winner.

And speaking of good health, why not take the WAT-AAH Challenge with us @ I'm eagerly awaiting my supply of WAT-AHH to test on the family. Yep, it's not just the kids that want to drink all that soda but it's my husband as well. The idea is to place WAT-AHH, which comes in 4 varieties, next to the soda and just see who picks what. There will be plenty of pics to come with this review as well as a giveaway that features: a mixed case of WAT-AAH! filled w/ fun WAT-AAH! goodies (pencils, erasers, stickers etc...). This one is gonna be fun!!

So, there you have it, a glimpse at just a few of the items Carrigan's Joy will be hosting. Stay tuned and be a WINNER!!
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