Sunday, December 6, 2009

What Happened To The Super-Human MOM Gene??

And so it has hit....

My husband had it two weeks ago, my daughter had it this last week, and as I jumped up out of bed to run to the bathroom around 5:00 a.m. this morning, I realized I had it as well. The stomach bug has struck again. And yes, *looks down at belly* your constant rumbling and churning is a great reminder as well. :)

I'm amazed actually. I mean, come on, I'm the MOM, the big Kahuna, don't I carry some sort of super-human MOM gene that shields me from all germs?? No? Really?? It reminds me back a few months ago as I sat looking at the ER doctor after he's just informed me that I have the flu. "I can't have the flu," I tell him, "I have a 6 month old baby." It took him a minute to get my point. Which, well, could have been, "I can't be sick, who will take care of my child?" or "I can't have the flu, I have a small child at home who may contract it." And then there is still the, "I'm the MOM, I have super-human MOM genes that shield me from germs!" Instead he just repeated, "you have the flu..." And, I guess the same thing rings true here, no matter how many times I think I'm indispensable, I, MOM, can still get sick.

Well, if that's the case then I'll live with it, but I'm setting up some boundaries here. I propose this "bug" will have had enough play time and be done with me by 6:00 p.m. tonight. You see it's Sunday, and not only am I MOM but I'm also a Working-MOM and must return back to work tomorrow. Yes, I can miss work for my kids, at that time I'm Medic-MOM, but as Working-MOM you just plow through the pain and make it in, smiling face and all. Maybe I could sport a nice little medical mask so as not to infect anyone. :) Do you think it would stand out a bit? I could just mention pretend play and all's good.

Ok, so now I'm drained. I guess the best course of action is rest and fluids. We have plenty of Pedialyte and therefore someone should drink it. *cheers!*
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