Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year; Happy New Me!

So, it is finally here, 2010!  I've been waiting for this little booger all week.  Yep, I've been waiting for the opportunity to start The 6 Month Challenge with Choose 2 Live: Choose Health. I hope you will join us and post your success either by your own blog, that I'll happily link to if you'd like, or by posting on Choose 2 Live: Choose Health's blog.

So, to start I'd like to post my very first body pic. This is me with my baby girl, Maddie. I am in the middle of two sizes at the moment. I chose to buy the larger size at the store just recently but am now having to wear a belt to keep them up. Problem area I'd like to see vanish: leg fat. I know it's impossible to target fat, but overall I'd like to see the size of my legs go down a bit so that I can wear jeans without having to wear a belt.

Another area I'd like to improve: upper arm strength. I've recently developed upper arm flab and I don't especially like it. :) Again, I know it will be through cardio and weight training that this area will be resolved.

And, lastly, I'd like to target my abb and back muscles. I sit on the floor a great deal of my day, working with kids, and I feel I've lost the support that you get from sitting propperly in a chair, so, instead of slouching another year, I'd like strong core muscles to hold myself up. :)

And, let's not forget nutrition and hydration. I'm pretty good with getting my water in, but I do need help on portion control and a balanced diet. Overall, I must say, I've learned a great deal in the past year on including more fruits and vegtables into my daily meals, but to be honest, I need more.

So, what do ya say? I know, sometimes it's foolish to hang all of life's changes on one day, but come on, we gotta start somewhere, and why not make it a nationally known day, like today, so we can do it together!!  So, I'll be watching and I hope you'll be moving and encouraging me as well.  :)
I think I need a T-shirt or something for this. :)
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