Sunday, January 3, 2010

To My Beloved Blog

School begins January 6, and I fear I won't make that deadline. Please, pray that I get all my paper work completed, signed, and approved by...say tomorrow. :)

Why have I waited? My advisor won't be back on campus until tomorrow, and she's been away for several weeks now, and I need her signature on a couple of lines to get other things approved.

I'm anxious. I could really use your prayers. I feel as if God is far away at the moment. That I'm far away. And, I know, it's just the enemy that causes us to feel lost and alone. I know my Lord has not left me, nor will He ever.

Also, once I do get back into school, I feel my year will be very busy. With the kids, my job, my health and fitness, and school and the house, well, I just don't see me having a great deal of extra time. And, to be honest, I'll miss sharing my world with you. I enjoy typing out my feelings and getting your responses. *laughs* I just got a flashforward image of no one responding to this post after I just typed that. :)

Tomorrow starts a new day. Maddie is staying with my sister-in-law tomorrow while I head back for in-service. School actually starts back up again Tuesday and then we'll be off for Martin Luther King, jr. Day and then we'll be skipping spring break this year cause parents don't like to take another week off to keep their kids. I know, that was mean of me, wasn't it? Well, I guess I'm a bit jaded that we lost our spring break because parents thought we were closed too often through out the year. i.e., they don't like taking a week off to spend with their kids. Ok, mean again, but you get my point. Maybe it's the whole capitalism thing, but that's another story and another post.

For now, I look forward to seeing ya when I see ya. :) I have a few more reviews and giveaways left to do so I'm not completely done, I'll probably just be a little more quiet than usual.

Til then...
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