Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Am The Fitness Guru - Hear Me Roar

Ok, so maybe I'm not a fitness guru per se but I think secretly I'd like to be. :) It's funny, I guess I'm a late bloomer you might say. I was raised by a Dad that loved physical fitness and yet I didn't really get into it until I was close to my 30's, right before my Mom passed away. I then started running after the birth of my daughter and enjoyed a great year of almost daily runs. After having my 4th child it's taken me a bit longer to get back into the swing of things. But within this past week, I'm happy to say my workout streak is back and it feels great!!!!

My plan for the next two weeks is to get my body accustomed to my workouts again. So because of the knee pain I suffered with during my first trial of running, this time I've decided to start it out on my bike and build up the muscles around my knees to give more stability. And next week I'll begin my work on the treadmill, starting off with simply walking for the week, getting my tendons, joints, and muscles prepared for the hard core jogging I'll be doing soon enough. 

Yet, with a few extra pounds I'd like to do more than just a 30 minute workout a day so I'm aiming for two workouts a day to up my calorie burn. :) It can be done if it's wanted badly enough. Next week's A.M. schedule is simply to get back into the routine of walking and rising so early for a work out. I'm keeping it basic and very standard. 

So what do you think? Should I mix it up more? Cut it back? Put in your two cents worth...I'm always happy for a fellow guru to chime in. :)

Monday: A.M. - walk 30 minutes / P.M. Bike 30 minutes
Tuesday: A.M. - walk 30 minutes / P.M. Shed 5 Fast DVD
Wednesday: A.M. - walk 30 minutes / P.M. Bike 30 minutes
Thursday: A.M. - walk 30 minutes / P.M. Zumba DVD
Friday: A.M. - walk 30 minutes / P.M. Bike 30 minutes
Saturday: Rest day / Bike

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