Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Rock and I Know It!

Rather than call a child bossy, I call her a leader. Rather than say he's lazy, I simply call him laid back. Rather than call it complaining, I'd like to say it's about being chatty. I sort of like to put a positive spin on life, it seems to make it go a bit easier that way.

So when it comes to my favorite 3 personality traits I like about myself, I definitely put on the rose colored glasses. 

1. I am competitive and head strong: ok, so these are maybe two traits together but I'm simply so great I must combine a few to get my list of 3. :) I really am competitive and I enjoy pushing myself. Whenever I set out to accomplish a goal, I typically reach it. It may take me a few years but when my mind is made up, it's locked down and ready to go.

2. I am passionate. I love passionately. I live passionately. Some may call it dramatic, but I prefer to call it passionate. 

3. I am positive. As I mentioned before, I really do tend to put a positive twist on life. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and see the best in everyone. I have many faults and so out of all my traits this is probably the one that I'd like other's to take with me. Where mercy is shown, mercy is given. Let's all try to be a little happier today and share the love!

What about you? What traits do you simply adore about yourself??? Yeah, I know, pride could go down as # 4 for me. :) It just is what it is.....

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