Friday, January 8, 2010

Where Does Faith Come From??

Where does your faith come from? Do you struggle with faith issues? I do, a great deal, at times. I'm a control freak and want it all done in my time, on my plan, and yet, life usually always chooses a different way to go.

So, I recently witnessed non-Christians, and I state non-Christians because I am a Christian and was raised a Christian and view faith from a Christian stand point, therefore, I again use the word non-Christians in a situating where life seemed to have just worked out for the good. And, I'm not saying you must be religious to have good things in life, but who do you turn to if you don't have a god when times get tough? Where does your gratitude go, if not to God, when thing are good? And, I'm asking this sincerely and seriously. I'm not judging nor saying Jesus is the way...even though I do believe that. :)

I'm wanting opinions here, views, and nice comments from Christians as well as non-Christians. And, I hate to just use these two categories, for the post is not about either of them really, it's about faith. Where does your faith come from? Experiences? Your security? Your own works? God??

Share with me, please. :)

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