Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update on Dinning With The Devil

Things seem to be looking a bit brighter lately. I'm trying to focus more on praising Jeremy and rewarding him in any and everything he does. It really seems to reach him. :)

Also, God is giving me a good outlet for my frustration: gym time. I got in a 60 minutes circuit training session today and it felt great. I really need that time for myself, by myself, to push myself forward. When it gets hard, I ask myself how much I want to run a half marathon. "Do you really want it, Toni?" And then I push harder.

Oh, Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I totally forgot to pick up some candy for Jeremy. Well, honestly, it's best I didn't, but then again, it does only come once a year. Speaking of food, I'm hungry. It's time for dinner. Any suggestions?? :)
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