Saturday, April 10, 2010

Counting Down To Race Day!

Wow, I can't believe it's only 7 days til my first race! I am so super excited and pretty much full of every emotion possible. As I run I picture myself seeing the finishing line and then I begin saying, "do you want it?" My answer only comes ringing back, "I WANT IT!" It's at that point that I almost begin bawling like a baby, for real, and we're still talking a visualization here. :)

I'm not actually up to running a constant 5K yet, but my game plan is to run 10 minutes, walk 1 to 2, depending on how I'm feeling, run another 10 minutes, walk, and then hit the last 10 minutes with all I have. At first I couldn't decide whether to wear my watch or not, thinking I'd be too obsessed with the time, but overall I know I'm gonna need it at some point, and since this is my first real run, this is definitely the time to learn and tweak for later.

I asked Sean yesterday if he was going to be at the race and he said yes. I hadn't thought about it really before. I usually do my own thing, feeling comfortable, not experiencing performance anxiety for having someone I know around, but deep down, I want him there. I want to know that somewhere out there, my man and baby girl, and maybe even my sons, are there waiting for me, supporting me, and praying I make it through.

Papa called me yesterday and we talk about working out and races. It was great to get his perspective on things; he simply said if you don't know what to do, watch the others in front of true. :)
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