Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Update!

Well, it's Good Friday and I have the day off. I've spent it with my daughter, Maddie, and we've shopped til we can't shop anymore. Nah, it wasn't that bad. :) I had to pick up a bed rail since night before last Maddie fell off the side of my bed. Yep, I usually put pillows up on her side and that's worked well for the past few months but the other night, she must have pushed them down and down she went as well. She was fine but dad and I were pretty concerned. And, last night she pushed the pillows down again so I decided today to just go out and get the bed rail. We do have Maddie's toddler bed up in her room, but we're still working on that transition. One day my husband and I will actually sleep in the same bed again, wow, I'm already excited. :)

Speaking of my hubby, he's the best around...*blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah* I don't know that song, but Sean sings it pretty regularly. One day maybe I'll post our whole get together's quiet interesting, really. :)

Jeremy is now plying soccer and he's having a blast! He's buddied up with the coach's son and it's pretty funny to watch the two of them plan out plays to try and score. Being 7 must be great. I don't remember it must, but I hope I had as much fun as Jeremy does. I also turned in his Easter Bunny coloring page at our local Super BiLo; I think we'll run by in a day or so and see if they've got it hung up. He colored it for a contest; I'm very proud. :)

And, now on to another topic...ME! I've been working pretty hard and I can't believe I'm actually able to run now-a-days. 39 minutes is my best so far on a 3.12 mile run. It's what I plan to run in a little over two weeks. I'd love to have my time down, my speed up, but damn, just finishing this thing is gonna be great in itself, ya know? :) Weight loss wise, it's going great. I measured my waist today and it hit @ 32.5. I must admit, I've never seen such great results before from any other type of work out. Become a runner, you'll never regret it!

And, lastly, here is a beautiful video of my baby girl painting her first canvas. We plan on doing one of these each birthday and hanging them up in her room. :) Enjoy!

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