Monday, July 12, 2010

BABProject: Working on Week 4!

I was able to exceed my work out goal this week! I was to burn 1620 calories where I actually burned 1777. Where I was to work out 225 minutes, I worked out 230. :) I didn't get much running in this week, but I'm ok with changing up my work outs, especially since my routine has been off so much this past week.

My inches have changed a bit:

weight: 180

waist: 30.5

hips: 39.5

thighs: 21.5

arm: 11.5

overall I've removed: 1.5 inches this past week!

I've also made another commitment to run this half-marathon in Nov. by purchasing a training book to make it happen. It's a book by Jeff Galloway, who focuses on a walk/run program. I'm not all excited about thinking I'll walk/run my race, but really, sitting @ 4 miles right now, it seems it will be the only way I'll make it happen. :) We gotta comprise at times, right?

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my workouts and results. I haven't really been paying much attention to my work out plans and nor have I even thought of any for this week.... All I keep telling myself is 45 minutes a day.

I hope last week went well for you, that you've set some fun and realistic goals for this week, and I hope you're enjoy all your changes and successes! Thanks for reading along!!

Also, quickly, and lastly, I'd like to jump on board with the McFatty Monday's. Why not support both projects as well as the women in them?? :)
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