Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 3: Your Parents

I've thought about this post for a few days now. When I think of parents I instantly think, "oh, my mom's dead." But hey, who really wants to start a post off like that, huh? Actually, my mom, death and all need their very own 30 day post off to really cover it all, and get it all out of my system, but let's not start that today. Let's think of pretty flowers and spring time, and talk only of the happiness. :)

But seriously, I've actually been blessed with a multitude of parents. I have my biological parents, of course, but then I have other (special) parents.

Papa came into my world when I was about 11 years old or so. He brought with him his love for Alabama football, his own family from Alabama, and his love for me and my mom. Papa really has been my helper through this life. He was there to raise me, to see me off to college, as well as help (in many financial ways) when I became a young mother, then a single mother, and so on. He also stuck by my mom through thick and thin. He was there for her on her numerous trips to the hospital, there when her body continued to turn against her, and in the end, held her hand as she passed away. As well, he was there for the good times. All the Memphis trips. All the birthdays and Christmases. :) He was the dad that came home every night, watched tv, helped clean up dinner, and tried to help me with my math homework, even though I'd given up on understanding it long before he ever figured it out. :) Papa has been a great dad and a great grandad. I am blessed to have had him as such a important part of my life.

My Mom, well, she was my mom. :) She had a faith in the Lord that nothing could shake. She wanted the best for me, pushed me, and promised me that I could become anything I wanted..and I believed her. She also said she'd never leave me until I didn't need her any longer. And I believed her on that as well. And in some crazy way, when she passed, I accepted that this was the time I no longer needed my mom. It still hurts, though, but she would have never broken her word, and I hold on to that.

My Mom enjoyed retelling my birth story every birthday and I always enjoyed hearing about it. :) She trusted me. She always thought the best of me. She was always so proud of me. One of the reasons I'm completed my Master's degree is for my Mom. She would be very proud.

My Dad came back full force into my life when my Mom passed. And, in some interesting way, after I got passed all my anger, we picked up where we left off. I see such a resemblance between us. We are both teachers. We are both optimists. I'm blessed to have him back with me. He has taught me a great deal in the last three years. It's nice to get to know him as an adult instead of just as a child.

Along with my Dad, came Nonna, or Karen, depending on who's calling her name. :) She and my Dad married after he divorced my Mom, and sadly, I was not apart of their world til 3 years ago. And, within that time, my two brothers were born, and raised. But again, things simply fell into place. I am so grateful that Karen came into my life when she did. My heart was broken at the thought that Maddie would not know my mother, but Nonna has stepped up and instantly filled that place. :) Karen and my Dad have helped so much in regards to Maddie. God told me I'd have that baby girl, and He then provided people to love and care for her just as much as her dad and I do.

My Aunt Charlotte has also been a second mother to me. I've spent summers, holidays, vacations, and weekend trips with her for the last 33 years. She has loved my children as if they were her own grandchildren. :) And, again, with Mom gone, Maddie will know her and hopefully will see a true glimpse of my Mom through her. When I was very little, I remember always wanting to be like my Aunt Charlotte. I use to dress up and pretend to be her. She really is a second mom to me.

Patti came into my world three years ago and has brought with her a love for Papa and my family as well as good food, laughter, and fun. I'm happy that Papa was able to find love again, to relax into a life that doesn't consist of pain or worry. He deserves time to just enjoy his family and Patti provides that for him.

So, see there, what a blessing of people to love and share my world with. God didn't just send two people to mold and make me, He gave me a whole handful of people to bless my day and share in my joy. :)
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