Monday, August 23, 2010

McFatty Mondays & BABP: Week 10

And, here we are again. Wow, I'm pretty bummed about this past week. I had set out to work out every day and honestly, I think I got two days in. Sad. But, what can ya do but write it off as a bad week and move on.

So, on we go....

I did pick up a heart monitor and enjoyed wearing it this weekend to track how many calories I burned. In a 4 hour period I had burned over 800 calories with 10 minutes of an elipitical work out thrown in there, other than that, it was a pretty lazy day. I also got a great run in Sunday, 6 miles burning 930 calories. And, by the time I got home from the gym, I'd burned over 1,100 calories. After that the fam. and I went out for sushi. :)

The one aspect that does bum me out is that I've been at this project going on 10 weeks now, over two months, and I'm still sitting pretty close as to where I was when I began it. I must admit, these past three weeks have been pretty blah...Maddie was so sick and my overall attitude was pretty depressed. I've made some changes though, and I hope this will help with my motivation and feelings. I think I'm gonna have to go back to the ole "it doesn't matter how I feel, it's just gotta be something I do."

And, on a really exciting note, I'm goning to be featuring a guest blogger in the next few days. I am super excited about all the info she'll be sharing, and if you, a reader, would like to share your expertice, please contact me and we'll make it happen. :)

SW: 186

LW: 181

CW: 181

Work out schedule:
Monday: 20 min. eliptical
Tuesday: 30 min. run
Wednesday: 20 min. eliptical (school starts!)
Thursday: 30 min. run
Friday: swim
Saturday: Rest Day!
Sunday: 7 mile run

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