Monday, September 27, 2010

Guest Blogging "McFatty Monday" With An Introduction to "Cut The Fluff"

Good Day, Readers!

This McFatty Monday will actually find me guest blogging with Heidi-D ! So, definitely go check out my first guest blog EVER and read up on what I have to say about workouts and weight loss!

And then, come back by for my introduction to the newest addition to Carrigan's Joy: Cut The Fluff.

To join, simply write up a quick introduction about yourself, the weight you'd like to remove, and your reasoning behind it all, and then add your post to the link-up, here . Each Monday we will be posting our game plan as well as success with tips on fitness and nutrition. I'd love for you all to join me!

And, to start it off, my introduction:

Name: Toni

Weight Loss Goal: drop 30 pounds, reaching 150 pounds/ size 10

Reason: I want a healthy body to enjoy life with my family and friends. I want a strong body that can be pushed to the limit and still not break :)

Fitness Tip:

I'd like for us to look @ the Frog Squat
this week. Working out with a trainer has diffinitly impacted my workout routine, and the one thing Ms. Kayla loved to have me do were squats...all kinds of different squats, some with weights and some without. So, I've provided you with an exellent youtube video of how to do a Frog Squat . And why, you ask, are squats so imporant? Well, they work that butt (glutes) and those legs (quads & hamstrings). You want that jiggle to go away in your legs? Build muscle by doing squats. You want that booty lifted? Build muscle by doing squats. :)

So, this week I challenge you to do as many frog squats as you can, three days a week. Write down a game plan, tweek it if need be, and make it happen!

Nutrition Tip:

Raw apple cidar vinegar is a niffty thing in my book. I add it to my water and it does something pretty cool. I seem to instantly drop around 5 pounds within days. Seriously. The first time I tried it, I lost 6 pounds that week. Now, I worked out and ate less but the water did seem to help out. This time around, I had gained 6.5 pounds after beginning a weight training session. I figured it was extra fluid that my muscles were holding onto. I upped my water and began adding the vinegar and within two days I've removed 4 pounds.

So, give it a try, see what you think. I add one cap full to 24 ounces of my water, once to twice a day. Don't add too much or you'll be enjoying a nice belly ache as well as headache.

Other than that, I'm gonna look at my own game plan for this week:

3 to 4 days/week:

15 planks

3 minutes on jacob's ladder

3 mile run

Now, I know I'll be able to get to the gym Monday & Friday. Tuesday I have a teacher's meeting and Wednesday I have school. I also may have a home visit Thursday evening so for these days I'm gonna have to come up with another plan. Any suggestions??
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