Saturday, November 27, 2010

Exhaustion Has Gripped Me Hardcore

I've been exhausted for about a week now and even as I type this I'm about to pass out from the mere thought of sleep.

I think it has to do with Maddie waking up again at night, wanting Momma. She lays there in there her bed, fussing, and calling, "Momma." I try to avoid the whole situation since her daddy is usually sleeping in the twin bed next to hers and it's his "job" to be on baby watch at night. And thats his decision not mine, but I do enjoy getting to sleep through the night with a little one around, however, like I said, she's pretty determined to have "Mommy time" when trying to get back to sleep.

And, if Daddy doesn't cut it, she gets up and comes looking for me. A little trick I taught her on being independent. I'm thinking it's back firing. I dont know.

So, all this babbling is about saying I'd like more sleep. I'd actually like a coma. I think I know what motivated Michael Jackson to seek medical attenion when wanting that deep-aint-nobody-gonna-wake-me-sleep. Oh yeah...sounds nice. But alas, I'm not rich or keen on drugs, so I'm left with droopy eyes and a scatter brain.

Welcome to Mommyhood...I wonder if it ever ends? :)


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