Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guilty Pleasures: Coffee

Ok, so one of my many guilty pleasures is coffee.

I love a Starbucks and try very hard to limit myself to once a week drinks. I usually pick one up before my night class on Wednesdays, and occasionally, I'll find myself picking one up when I'm shopping Target, but other than that, I try to really limit my spending on this pleasure.

So, to be frugal, I try and drink this de-lish treat at home, and do so, daily. I enjoy coffee in the morning, at work, and in the evening at home. Recently, while shopping at my local Dollar Store, I picked up some of their home brew and, sadly, have been so disappointed in the flavor. However, I've refused to throw it out, and I've been pretending to enjoy it, while usually dumping out half a pot of un-drunk joe.

And, now that I'm about ready to purchase more, I'd like to know what your favorite grocery store brand is. Is there a flavor that you simply love? And with the holidays approaching, do you have a seasonal coffee you enjoy this time of year? Oh, and let's not forget the creamer! I've been trying to cut back on my sweets and in doing so have switched over to powdered's so not the same. I'm thinking of simply throwing in the towel and just going with a sugar-free creamer, eating the calories, and just going with it. I mean, come one, I did say this was one of my guilty pleasures, didn't I? I can't be all good, all the time. :)

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