Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Elf On A Shelf Has Arrived

Day 1: "Thomas" finds his new home in our Christmas tree. Jeremy is estatic. His dad bought the little thing, not I, but, I was happy to play along. :)

Day 2: He's jumpped his tiny booty up to the top shelf. Sean got involved after we all went to bed.

I have heard so many crazy stories about some Elves. I had a family last year that allowed the little guy to roll their house while they were out to eat. After loading the fam. up in the car to go out to dinner, dad goes back inside for a moment, ties the elf to the ceiling fan, and continues to roll his own living room with toilet paper. The kids loved it! :)

So far, Thomas has been happy to simply sit where he is placed, but who knows, maybe one night he might get a wild hair up his a!! and entertain us all. What about you? An Elf of your shelf??


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