Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Resolutions

The Blog Dare:
What is your resolution for 2011? Do you often make a resolution and not keep it? What is the longest you have kept a New Years resolution? What is your most often chosen New Years resolution? What do you think about New Years resolutions?

I've been thinking a great deal about this year, what I'd like to accomplish, my goals and such. And, even though I have an idea in mind of what I want, it's those small action steps that I seem to have a hard time with. I usually focus on weight loss each resolution, and it's this same idea that I tend (in the past) to let slide, however, for the last two years I've been pretty consistent with working out. I'd like to focus more on educating myself on good nutrition and establish a great workout routine that will carry me through the year. Overall, I think New Years resolutions are a time when people try to motivate themselves for change. It's a great idea in principal but simply an idea unless great effort comes with it. And, I find nothing wrong with designating a day to "start over" so to speak. Again, it just goes back to what you do after that day. :) Below are my resolutions, I hope you stick around and see which ones I truly do accomplish this year.

Personal Resolutions:

1. Graduate in May with my Master's in Special Education (only one more class!).

2. Run a half marathon (5 day workouts).

3. Job hunting??

4. Come up with and maintain a system to keep my home clutter free.

5. Simplify my life ( .

Family Resolutions

(things I'd like to accomplish with my family this year):

1. "Jeremy Day" once a week or so Jeremy and I will have some time together to simply grow and learn from one another.

2. Meal traditions? I'll get a vote on this one, however, I do know Jeremy loves Thursday Taco Nights. :)

3. More outdoor activities: swimming, walking, bike riding, parks, and camping!

4. Cleaning up when we are done with an activity rather than leaving it to sit (and this includes: dishes, toys, clothes - dirty and clean).

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