Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 To-Do List

What would you like to accomplish this year? What are the places you would like to visit in 2011? What do you hope to check off your bucket list in 2011?

We'll I've pretty much covered my 2011 resolutions , but I haven't given much thought to traveling. And with that, I'd enjoy a nice trip to Savannah, Ga. I've always wanted to visit this town. I love the history and the whole romanticised idea I have of it's beauty. :) And, recently Austin mentioned taking a trip there; he actually asked Sean if he wouldn't mind driving down with mouth watered and I got all giddy. Oh, yeah, I'll so be going. :)

I'd also like to plan a trip to Fl. this summer to bike ride with my dad. He recently spoke of some trails he rides in the National Forrest near his base and I told him I'd spend the next 6 months riding my stationary bike so I'd be ready to def. ride some trails. I think doing anything athletic with my dad would fulfill a childhood dream I've had. As a child, I had once daydreamed of being on the volleyball team he coached at the local university. So, being able to do something I know he enjoys and sharing that with him would be pretty amazing to me. :)

I'd also like to get to know my own hometown a bit more. Through Voluntary Simplicity, I'd like to discover different, free and entertaining ways my family and I can spend time around Chattanooga. I'm sure there are TONS of activities that we can do, it's simply sitting down and planning to do them.

So, what about you? Any big traveling plans this year?? :)

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