Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My husband, Sean, introduced me to blogging back in 2004, when I met him. He had a livejournal account and after a couple of weeks, I created one as well. It was pretty much made up of my ideas, vents, and opinions. I carried this blog for several years. It was then that MySpace came out and I jumped on that band wagon. My family then began reading my words, which I'm not sure was always a great idea, like I said, my blogs were for venting and held a great deal of profanity.

Carrigan's Joy is different, though. I started this blog the day I discovered I was pregnant with Maddie. :) I was going to use this blog to document my pregnancy and new family member, however, when my MySpace account was deleted, I then needed a daily blog home and decided to switch everything over here. It's been good. My blog has grown, maybe not as big as I'd like, but then again, I'm so not sure I want to be a big time blogger, I just don't think I have the time to put into it all.

Sometimes I miss having a place I truly let my hair down and just belt it all out, nasty thoughts and all, but I think it's healthier to keep those thoughts between me and God and deal with it that way rather than polluting the blog world with more negativity. It's taken me a great deal of experience to realize I don't want to use my words to hurt others and that what I do write does make a different, good or bad, to some. So, I voluntarily sensory myself for many reasons but mainly because I don't want to be held responsible for my ignorance causing anyone pain.

Overall, I think my main reason for blogging is keeping in touch with my family. I think they're the ones who keep coming back, and it's nice to share with them. :)

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