Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If I Had An Anonymous Blog…

I'd cuse like a sailor, post smutty pictures of me and my man making out in obvious areas around town, and truly speak my mind to the world.

I'd never regret a word I spoke, wondering if someone was offended or if I was too harsh in my views on child molestation and female circumcision.

My blog would be hardcore and extremely adult, however, it would also be a blog I'd never want my kids to google and associate with my name. There are certain things about my thoughts and ideas that I don't find very appealing and therefore wouldn't want to share with others.

So, to the dream of sometimes wanting a place to rant and rave, I'd rather keep it more private and simply enjoy my time here on Carrigan's Joy - a place where I come to post pics of my kids, laugh, and share in my joy.

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