Friday, February 4, 2011

The A-Team: Meet Special Ed

I work in special ed., yet my class is young, early intervention type young, so it was different to sit on the other side of the table, as a parent, and begin the IEP process.

If you don't know, my 8 year old son, Jeremy, has struggled with reading in school pretty much since the beginning. He's in the 3rd grade and has finally fallen below grade level in his reading, significantly, YET, he's still able to maintain honor roll: A's and B's. I must admit, it's only through the help of his teacher this year that we've been able to bring his grades up and enjoy success.

I'm confident his I.Q. test will show above average and yet he'll qualify under learning disabled or language impaired due to dyslexia. TN doesn't qualify dyslexia as a category of it's own, it falls under LD or LI.

I'm relieved to know we're getting Jeremy the help he needs, yet I'm still saddened that he has a learning issue. It worries me. I worry that he'll feel different from his friends/others. I worry I'm not a good enough parent to help him through all this. {Homework is pretty stressful around here due to the frustration he feels while reading.} I worry he won't feel successful in school as he gets older. I worry his reading will impact his social life; that others will judge him as lacking if they feel he doesn't read/preform as well as they do. I fear he wont go to college or that he'll continue to struggle and develop a hopelessness toward school.

I know, these are pretty big fears, and I probably shouldn't be as worried as I am, but it's what moms do, right? We look to the future and try and figure out how to help our kids get around all the obstacles, as independently as they can, but still, we gotta help.

I am still so proud of him, though, to work so hard. He really is great. I know everything will be fine. Everything is fine. He goes to a great school, and we're on a great start. I just don't want this to stop him from dreaming and becoming anything he wants.


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