Saturday, February 12, 2011


I truly enjoy snapping pics.

I'd like to one day take a couple photography classes and really develop this into a hobby. I'd also love a new camera... {*hint, hint* graduation gift...}

Anyway, I did create one scrapbook that I'm pretty proud of, it was during my pregnancy, and I did it all with the help of You simply upload your photos, edit, play with effects, write up a blurb, and then wha-la you print it off in book form, for a small fee, and it's yours!

There are also other great {free} sites out there to help enable you on your way to scrapbook heaven:,, and editing sites such as:, and

I really am looking forward to the time when school is done, I have the summers off, and I simply sit around with the kids, creating nice memory books to cherish forever. Maybe we could even do a book about making the books. :)

What about You? Do you enjoy scrapbooking? What are your favorite tools?


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