Monday, March 28, 2011

My Workout: My Time

For a couple hours each morning I'm no longer a mother, a wife, a student, or teacher...I'm simply Me.  Working out gives me a break from all other responsibilities and allows me to focus on what I'm doing at that moment and really give something back to myself.

I've recently discovered that 2011 is mine. My husband has done an awesome job of taking on extra responsibilities so that I can focus more of my time on my studies. I kept telling myself that my Master's degree would benefit my whole family, that I was doing it all for my family, which ultimately I am, but it still requires a great deal of my time and effort, and without Sean's help, I'm not sure it would have been possible.

I also have big plans after graduation, I want to pour myself into my fitness and new hobbies of gardening and photography. Of course I want to bring my family into these areas as well, but just the idea of having hobbies is a big step for this Momma. It, again, means Me time. As a young mother of 16, I've never truly felt that I've devoted much time to myself; I feel as if I've lived my life for others and have worked to achieve a better future for my family. I now want to step back for a moment and discover more of myself through enjoyable activities. I want to create life in new ways through gardening and capture all that beauty with pictures.

So, as I set out to finish this year on My time, I look around at all the wonderful people who have brought me to where I am, the good Lord who has provided all the way, and my family who makes it possible. I'm more than grateful, even if I don't show it very often. I hope to repay you all, somehow, someday, with maybe just a little bit more of My time.  :)

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