Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No Longer Just A Mom-Blogger

Carrigan's Joy was born July 21, 2008 when I discovered I was pregnant with my daughter, Maddie. It became my documentation of my pregnancy and then later my primary blog for all things in life. Almost three years later, my identity of myself as well as my blog has changed.

I no longer consider myself just a Mom-Blogger. Not that I ever felt as if I fit completely into one, single category, but with the kids getting older, I've decided to spread my wings and discover the many layers that make me who I am. You may have already noticed this transformation with new pages such as 52 Weeks of Me and The Fly Lady , both pages touch on two areas of my life that I'm keenly interested in: photography and de-cluttering. I also plan on focusing more on my running which will beef up my Race Day page.

I'm really excited to see what the rest of this year holds in story for us. I hope to push myself to new limits as well as support my family as we all move forward.

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