Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

Welcome to Ten On Tuesday. This is where I spout off ten facts about myself, you read, and reply back if you wish. :) Hopefully you will, it always makes it more fun that way. :)

1. Carrigan's Joy was born July 21, 2008, to document my pregnancy of my daughter, Madison.
2. My oldest son, Austin, graduates from high school this Friday. Wow. I remember when I figured it up when he was just a small boy, 2011, I never thought it would get here.
3. I am addicted to running even though I'm not currently participating in the sport at the moment {I have a baby in my belly so I'm walking instead}.
4. I just balanced my check book this morning. {I typically don't balance down to the penny but today I did. :) Go Me!}
5. I love flowers but have never taken the time to actually learn the names of them. I couldn't tell you what I have planted in my garden at this moment, but they're certainly still beautiful. :)
6. I have lived in my home for over 3 years now and if I were to take a back road to anywhere, I'd probably get lost. I don't venture off the well beaten path very often.
7. I love being outside and taking walks with my kids.
8. I have a fish tank with no fish in it at the moment, they all continued to die. It makes me question the safety of my drinking water.
9. I constantly sneeze while I'm pregnant as if I have some type of phantom cold.
10. This is my first time participating in the Ten On Tuesday link up and I enjoyed it. :)

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