Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dear Baby Soup: Weeks 13 and 14

We have officially made it to the 2nd trimester! Week 13 turned us over into our 4th month, leaving our 1st trimester behind. How do I feel? Morning sickness still has a hold of me but it's mainly just in the morning or on a very empty tummy. I'm still sporting my Sea Bands though. It seems if I go a day without them the next day is a bit rough.

With week 14 you can now make different facial movements, suck your thumb, and pee! I'm so proud of you. Your Dad still has a hard time with the peeing one, well, at least keeping the toilet seat clean as he does so. :) You'll get to know and love him just as I have. *big smile*

Also, I got my promotion yesterday which hopefully means I'll get to enjoy a nice, long maternity leave with you, and then Daddy can stay home during the week and take care of you and your Sister. Would you like that? I sure would. :) Daddy is still looking for a weekend job and I think he'll find one soon, I just sure would love for it to work out that he could stay home and keep you happy and safe. He really is a good Daddy.

I get to see again in about 2 weeks. I hope you'll show us what gender you are, but your Sister refused to let it be known. I still have a feeling you're a girl, and, I've been making plans for our sleeping arrangements. Since your  Brother and Sister have a room upstairs, I thought I'd let you share a room with me until you could bunk with one of the two. What do you think? Then we'd actually be living one of the definitions of co-sleeping {room sharing}. I think it would work for us.

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