Thursday, July 7, 2011

Updated Bucket List

Goals for 2011:
  • to graduate with my Master's degree in Special Education 
  • to buy a {new to me} car
  • to watch my son, Austin, graduate
  • a new classroom?
  • to have a happy and healthy pregnancy
  • to enjoy a beach trip
  • to spend Thanksgiving in Memphis
As you can see I'm making my way through my Bucket List this year. :) I picked up my car yesterday and I'm super excited about it. I must admit, letting go of my older van will be a bit of a sad moment for me. It has a great deal of memories stored around my mom, but moving on doesn't mean I forget it just simply means I keep them close to my heart and move forward with life.

I'm still waiting to hear back about the new classroom. They said it would take several weeks but I'm already starting to feel anxious about it. I keep having dreams in regards to financial aspects of my job and it always leaves me feeling a bit frustrated and confused by the time I awake. But anyway....

We all took a little family drive yesterday. The van has the child seats built into the seat and Maddie seemed to enjoy it. I still plan on putting her carseat back in this morning just because I feel it's a bit safer. Oh, and I got a great interest rate of 2.9% on my loan which is the smallest I've ever had on a car loan. Buying private did take more time but in the long run I came out better financially. I still need to switch my tires out on my van to the new van and then do an oil change before our Nashville trip next week {I'm going up for a workshop on early literacy}, but that shouldn't take long or be a hassle, so we're good.

Two more days and I'll be in my 2nd trimester. I'm feeling better, still nauseous but my energy level is up, and now I need to really get back into working out. Oh, my weight has settled down and I'm sitting still with that, thank goodness, I'm hoping for only a 15 pound gain but if more happens so be it, I just don't want alot of extra to take off after the baby comes, I did have a little extra already as it is. :)

Here's to fluffy girls around the world, enjoy your lattes today for tomorrow we run! {ok, not really me, but ya know...}
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