Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Do You Do When Your Kid Has Diarrhea, You Have No Wipes, And Your Husband Has Taken The Car, The Extra Car Keys, And The Car Seat?

Thanks right, Folks, I got to experience my first cloth-wipes moment when my 2 year old had diarrhea and I had no wipes and no car to run to the store and buy any. 

The first blow out she had I was able to use all the wipes from the diaper bag. That's right, you know you always have a few more to go when it comes to the bag. However, when number 2 struck I became a bit concern, but never the less, I figured we'd clean up as much as we could and then just throw her in the shower. Remember, I now know how to clean up poop butt { previous poop butt post }. But when number  three hit within an hours time of the first I freaked. What in the goodness of all good was I to do with a dirty-bum toddler and no way to get her clean?

I calmed myself down and reminded myself that people all around the world use cloth diapers and wipes, it's nothing new, I just simply had to think a bit crunchier. *deep breathing* I asked myself, "what are wipes made of and what are they made to do?" I replied, "cloth like material that simply smears poop away while never truly disinfecting the area." I've always thought it was wrong that wipes were never antibacterial...I mean come on, we are dealing with poo here, people. 

Anyway, I grabbed some napkins, and clean wash rag, and happily applied a bit of antibacterial soap and water to the rag. I was ready to go. Right? I must admit, it all worked out well enough. I cleaned her up, disposed of the diaper and napkins but then I was a bit thrown off on what to do with a poo rag. I knew people had done something with dirty cloth diapers and wipes, I just didn't really know what. So, I soaked it in some more antibacterial soap in a sink in our laundry room that we typically don't use. I probably will never wash my hands in it again but that's beside the point. The matter is, I did it! 

I then ran to my phone calling my husband who was almost in trouble for indirectly causing the whole chaos {isn't that what we do, blame the ones we love when they aren't around to help?} I was able to yell out, "cut your class short, pick up some wipes, your daughter has diarrhea and I've already changed three of them {making myself sound like a superhero} and don't forget to pick me up one of those HUGE strawberry-limeades from Sonic on the way home! {I think the limeade was a whole pregnancy moment but I'm still not sure} I waited impatiently to hear his acknowledgement then said my goodbyes only to slam the phone down. I then looked at my daughter on my hip who began screaming, "PANCAKES, I WANT PANCAKES!"

I agree, pancakes was a good idea. :)

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