Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dear Baby Soup: Week 21

21 weeks pregnantI am officially counting down...only 19 more weeks to go!

Whoo-Hooo little girl, we are almost there. I can't believe how quickly this time has flown by. I'm trying to really take advantage of this time, I'm a bit anxious about having two little ones born so close together. I'm use to 9 years between each birth. Oh well! :)

I rode 11.48 miles today on the bike, getting ready for the big day in January. For some reason I have a feeling you'll come either on your due date or very close to it. It may be from the fact that Maddie came two days shy of her due date, now your brothers on the other hand came two and three weeks early and still weighed 8 and 9 pounds. I also predict you'll be a bit smaller. I think the workout will actually pay off to keep us both a bit slimmer, or so I hope {on my part}. :)

I love you, little one. I'm so enjoying your movements and can now watch my belly move as you kick and turn. :) You seem to be very nosey as you awaken to the kids playing and laughing, acting as if you're ready to play. Soon, you'll be moving right along with them.

Cravings: Salads and Grapefruits

What I miss: Sleeping on my belly.

Discomforts: round ligament pain as I move around while sleeping.

What I'm looking forward to: Spending time with you and the family while I'm off on maternity leave. 

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