Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dear Baby Soup: Week 25

25 weeks pregnant

Baby Survey!

How far along? 25 weeks

Maternity Clothes? I picked up some Old Navy maternity yoga pants last week and enjoyed wearing them this past week since the weather is finally getting cooler. They are the Most. Comfy. Pants. Ever! I still plan on living in them once Claire is born.

Best Moment This Week: This week was hard. Your dad and I are a bit stressed over work and financies at the moment. However, I did learn that I need to help him more, not the way I'd think he needs help but really listen and comfort him in ways that he needs. I also view him as a superhero but in reality he's just a simple man and the good Lord put us here to work together, not apart. I wonder what kind of man you and Maddie will marry after the influence your dad will play on you. :) I'm sure he will be a very gassy man, just like your father.... *big smile*

Baby Movements: You are definitely growing big, my little girl. Your movements now wake me up at night. :) I love watching my belly move and flop with you.

Cravings: Captin Crunch cereal threw me for a loop the other day. The box was gone in a day....

Labor Signs: I enjoy practice pressure waves when I have a full bladder or when I've moved around too much. I always remember to drink my water and relax as I feel the pressure building.

Belly Button Popped? My poor belly button. These past four pregnancies has done a doozy on the thing. It's half popped. The bottom is popped with a little top hood just sitting on it. Seriously, it's not a belly that will be sporting the front pages of any pregnancy magazines any time soon, but it's my belly that holds and grows my beautiful baby. :)

What I Miss: Running

What I'm Looking Forward To: Holding you and spending maternity leave with all my kids.

Weekly Wisdom To My Babe: Take care of each other. Family is important but remember strangers are simply unmet friends/family. Make sure to keep in mind that this life is not the overall big picture, there is more to it. Loving others and helping as you can will make more of a difference than you will ever know. Don't be afraid to be different by putting others first.

Weekly Milestone: You are about 13 inches long and weight in around 1.5 pounds. And, your lungs are producing surfactant which is needed when you take those first breaths.

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