Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On A Leaf Hunt We Will Go

Maddie and I enjoyed a nice day out at our local greenway, collecting leaves and chatting with other little people. :)

She had a great time walking by herself, usually we take the stroller.

Beautiful leaves were everywhere!

Her red highlights come out with the sun.

Acorn. And she told me squirrels eat these.

Discovering a stick.

Wanting to see the stick bug a leaf. She noticed his/her mouth was moving and said it was eating.

And then we met another little guy who was checking out bugs and leaves as well. :)

After our trips we come home and load the pictures to the computer. We then sit down and talk about what all we were doing in the pictures. Some philosophies of childhood education really focus on reflection through photographs. I plan on making a photobook of this weeks events so Maddie can retell her stories through them.

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