Thursday, October 20, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday: How Do You Help Your Toddler Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season?


I'm joining the Toddler Talk Thursdays with the topic being: how do you keep your toddler healthy during the cold and flu season? I think this is a great question, one in which I try to be proactive but that I still have a few concerns about.

1. We always try to wash hands and remind all the kids of the importance of it. My doctor also shared with me that the flu is contracted through the nose and that wiping the face periodically can help reduce the chance of catching those nasty germs.

2. Eating a healthy diet is also important in my book. Our bodies come in contact with so many germs, bacteria, viruses and by providing it with good nutrition and exercise, I think the majority of illinesses are faught off without us even knowing about them.

3. Limiting our exposure to areas we know are occupied by the offices. We only go if it's a must and thank goodness there are sick and well rooms now, I remember back in the day when we all sat in the same room, hacking or not. :)

4. And lastly I'm torn over the flu shot. I've never received it myself nor have I ever given it to my children since it does have a risk of GBS , but that's not to say I won't reconsider. It's a terrible thought to imagine our kids being sick and even more so when they require medical attention due to illnesses.

Next week's topic suggestion: what are your favorite fall family activities?

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