Monday, February 6, 2012

Motivated Monday

So I was cruising around online and came upon My Big Blue World's Motivated Monday and I was motivated, to say the least. :) You remember these posts don't you? I've done them through out the years, Cut The Fluff, Body After Baby, all the weight loss/fitness posts that I and you enjoy so much. And so it's time again. I love writing about my weekly workouts and posting gives me a sort of direction in where I want to go.

Weekly Goals:
~ exercise 3 x this week, 30 minutes each {I'm still a little sleep deprived so I'm going easy on myself}
~ 64 ounces of water, daily
~ 3 fruits/vegetables a day

Weight Loss:
I'm aiming for 25 pounds and as of today I'm 9 pounds closer to my goal, losing 3.2 pounds this past week. So, I'll be posting this as: 9/25. :)

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